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What to expect from Top Hunting Outfitters in Africa

A hunting experience should be unique – an adventure you willingly signup for, an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world that is different to your own. Above all, a hunting trip is a respectful, responsible collision between two worlds, that of the hunter and the hunted.

The success of your hunting trip and the value of your african hunting safari, is ultimately linked to your hunting outfitter. So make sure to pick someone with a proven track record and solid recommendations

The goal of a hunting outfitter is to assist you in every aspect of the experience, from selecting a destination, right through to the kind of meals you will be enjoying after a long day in the bush. Throughout Africa, various hunting outfitters will see to your needs both as a hunter and as a visitor to a foreign country.

The ideal hunting safari package in Africa should be one that is all-inclusive, personalized and caters to your individual needs. In most cases, when working with a hunting outfitter, the process starts with you, the hunter, communicating your requirements:

• Your budget

• The species of game you are interested in hunting

• The type of accommodation you have in mind

• Your catering requirements (food and drink you’d like)

Given those particular requirements, it is up to them to put together the package that will provide you with the best experience.


• Finding an African hunting safari with a variety of species to hunt or, more specifically, the species you are interested in hunting

• Arranging a licensed professional hunter to accompany you and your guests

• Making sure trackers and skinners are available

• Assist with all the necessary steps in acquiring hunting permits

• They will be able to determine whether weapons will be provided

• If you choose to take your own firearm, then they will assist with getting the licenses completed

• Finding accommodation that suits you, your guests, your dietary requirements, and any additional activities

• Assisting with travel and transport arrangements

There is no reason you should worry, approach a hunting outfitter to assist in finding the right fit for you.

Adventure true

Avula Safaris means Open Journey, and it’s more than a collection of private game reserves, it’s an authentic African hunting experience like no other.

It’s an invitation to get lost. To find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. Avula is more than a destination. It’s the start of a much greater journey, for the adventurer in you to adventure true.

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