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Nestled deep within the captivating land of gold and diamonds, far removed from the frenetic pace of urban life, awaits the distinguished Avula Green Kalahari – a 5-star retreat sprawled across 31,000 acres.

Surrounded by the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert to the north and the majestic Great Karoo to the south, this award-winning haven promises an unparalleled escape. Approximately two hours from Kimberley airport, Avula Green Kalahari offers nine double en-suite rooms in three private luxury chalets.
Catering to the discerning tastes of our esteemed clients and their families, Avula Green Kalahari is a place where luxury meets adventure, where every moment is crafted to surpass expectations. The private en-suite rooms are designed to cater to your every need. Immerse yourself in the serenity of your surroundings, complemented by a coffee station, a secure rifle safe, and an inviting adjoining patio that beckons you to bask in panoramic views of the untamed wilderness.

Step back in time and explore the wild ancestral hunting grounds of Kalahari Green. Here, history stretches back to long before diamonds and gold sparked the human migration in the 1800’s. Located between the unforgiving and scarcely populated desert and semi-desert, this land was home to legendary-sized herds of springbok, zebra, gemsbok, kudu, and wildebeest, as witnessed by the fossils and rock art left behind.

Avula Green Kalahari offers the ultimate hunting experience, boasting an impressive array of wildlife, with over 360 majestic Rhinos, 200 regal Cape Buffalos, and a multitude of wild plains game roaming freely across our expansive domain. Our commitment to providing the pinnacle of excellence is evident in every detail, setting a standard unmatched in the industry.

Lodge Facilities

Game drives
Clay shooting
Game drives

Lodge Activities

Interactive rhino encounter experience
Horseback safari
Bird watching
Mountain biking
Quad bikes
Sleep under the stars
Bush dining

Lodge Activities

Interactive info center
Game drives
Clay shooting
Game drives





Plains Game
Bow Hunting
Mountain Free Range

Tailored Hunting


Adventure true

Avula Safaris means Open Journey, and it’s more than a collection of private game reserves, it’s an authentic African hunting experience like no other.

It’s an invitation to get lost. To find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. Avula is more than a destination. It’s the start of a much greater journey, for the adventurer in you to adventure true.

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