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4 March 2024
What makes a 5 star hunting safari


Since the 1950s, the hospitality industry began using grading systems to indicate class and quality to potential customers. These organizations received their ratings from paid inspectors hired to assess a restaurant or hotel’s compliance with a long list of criteria.

‘Star Rating’ (noun) a rating indicated by stars (usually 1–5), the highest number of stars indicating the best quality, highest amount etc.

Today, the internet and social media are the primary sources of travel research which have distorted the validity of the age-old star rating system. Popular online travel sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia and Trivago, feature their own user-submitted ratings (also based on a star system) written by regular people just like you, rather than professional hospitality industry inspectors. This has resulted in a “5-star” rating based on a guest’s subjective opinion, rather than a standard official grading.

In South Africa, the organisation responsible for official ratings is known as the TGSA (Tourism Grading Council of South Africa).


Every venue is different. A 5-star rated establishment will try to make your experience as unique, memorable and personal as they can. In fact, from start to finish you can expect your stay to be filled with personal touches. Décor will be modern, quality furnishings, luxurious artwork, and fresh, fragrant flowers. A 5-star hotel or lodge would also have a luxury spa with professionally trained therapists, a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool and gourmet chefs in the kitchen. Guest rooms will boast luxury beds and bedding, impeccable cleanliness, and an inviting atmosphere featuring the latest technology in both video and audio devices.

You can expect 5-star amenities to include a welcome gift upon arrival, room service and a thoughtful turndown service. Plus, 24-hour personalized service is practically standard.

The service is flawless from polite, helpful staff. From check-in to departure, staff are at your beck and call ready to help you in any way they can. Impeccable service and hospitality should be a core belief.

Industry professionals all concur the 5-star rating is not what it used to be. In fact, it can be randomly awarded, sometimes even by the venue itself. What makes a “luxury” and “5-Star” experience is for you to decide. Avula offers an authentic experience like no other. Accept the invitation to get lost and in the process, find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. It is more than a destination. It’s reconnecting with your instincts as you embrace the abundant wildlife. It’s breathing in the crisp air and finding it hard to remember the last time you felt this alive.

Are you ready to start your journey? 

Adventure true

Avula Safaris means Open Journey, and it’s more than a collection of private game reserves, it’s an authentic African hunting experience like no other.

It’s an invitation to get lost. To find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. Avula is more than a destination. It’s the start of a much greater journey, for the adventurer in you to adventure true.

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