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True Wildlife Conservation
At Avula Safaris, we burn with passion for making wildlife conservation a success, not just for today, but for always. Our efforts already impact rhino conservation and best land-use practices. Also, leftover or left behind game meat is always donated to local communities in need we uplift. On average, three rhinos are poached daily. At the current rate, there will be no rhino population. At Avula, we are committed to the preservation of species and nature. Our efforts include the dehorning of rhinos to discourage poachers. The dehorning process is conducted by a trained vet and is completely painless for the rhino as there is no feeling in the horn. The running costs of such a project are extremely high, taking into account feeding, security personnel, leasing property, and managerial maintenance. Avula contributes to the initiative via hunting packages with funds being directly forwarded to the non-profit organization Rhino For Life Foundation in South Africa.

Adventure true

Avula Safaris means Open Journey, and it’s more than a collection of private game reserves, it’s an authentic African hunting experience like no other.

It’s an invitation to get lost. To find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. Avula is more than a destination. It’s the start of a much greater journey, for the adventurer in you to adventure true.

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