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The Best Time of the Year for a Luxury Hunting Safari


Hunting seasons vary from country to country and region to region. Hunting laws are up to local authorities to enforce. South Africa is unique in that the hunting season is all year round. More specifically from March to August.

In other countries, it is only legal to hunt a single species within a few months, weeks or even days, while others can be hunted throughout the year. Local authorities can also decide whether you use bow or gun during a particular time of year. There are also restrictions on the age, size and sex of a species. Failing to abide by the law of the land can result in some hefty fines and even jail time if the offence is deemed severe enough. Countries in Africa like Kenya and Zimbabwe have considered the death penalty for poaching at-risk species.

If your goal is to take a luxury South African Hunting safari in 2019, you’re in luck, because hunting on private land is permitted all year round with only a few restrictions decided on by the landowner. The climate in Southern Africa is almost always moderate. While that’s true, South Africa’s temperatures can vary drastically in the same day depending on the time of year.

South Africa is far bigger than you might expect, and the climate differs from province to province. The cold Atlantic Ocean to the west means pleasant Mediterranean-like climate. To the east, the warmer Indian Ocean and subtropical coastal areas are balmy and humid. Inland, the elevation gets higher the further you go, mountain ranges rise up trapping clouds, creating semi-desert, arid bushveld and grass plains where temperatures can quickly drop to freezing at night during winter.

The only time of year when it’s not ideal to hunt is in the summer and wet months. South African summer heat can become unbearable if you’re not acclimatized, and animals are harder to find as they go to ground to escape the temperature of the day too. The rainy season brings long grass obscuring a hunters line of sight making spotting game and lining up your shot much harder. Heat and moisture could also damage any trophies you bag.

As mentioned above, the ideal time to hunt in South Africa falls between March and August. Winter is right in the middle of the season which means you will have to pack warmer gear for early mornings and evenings. Even during winter though, temperatures can climb past 70° F during the day. We have a guide to what you should pack for a luxury hunting Safari.

If you’re lucky enough to get to travel in your line of work, capitalize on it. If you’re taking a business trip, no matter where it is, take some vacation days and extend your stay. Even if it’s only for a few days, give yourself the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds.

If you have any questions about when the ideal time for you to have an experience of a lifetime, should book your luxury South African hunting safari, you can contact us and we can help you decide when the best time for you to travel based on what you want to get out of your dream hunt.

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Avula Safaris means Open Journey, and it’s more than a collection of private game reserves, it’s an authentic African hunting experience like no other.

It’s an invitation to get lost. To find yourself. To seek beyond the known, and hunt beyond the kill. Avula is more than a destination. It’s the start of a much greater journey, for the adventurer in you to adventure true.

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