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4 March 2024
Cost of an african hunting safari


It Isn’t As Expensive As You Might Think

Surprisingly, you don’t have to have extra deep pockets to go on an African Hunting Safari.

According to current industry pricing, if you factor in the cost of flights, an all-inclusive African Hunting Trip. (Click here for Hunting Packages) Including a range of plains game species, could cost you more or the less the same as a guided elk hunt.


Variety Of Packages, Variation In Price

Because of the sheer amount of game and various hunting destinations on offer (view here), when it comes to hunting in Africa, you truly are spoilt for choice.

From dangerous to plains game, trophy hunting and bow hunting – it’s not an easy task to stay on top of all the constantly changing wildlife data and pricing structures.

For instance, a hunting expedition to more accessible countries like South Africa and Namibia offer a lot more bang for buck than more remote destinations like Tanzania and Mozambique where charter flights might apply.

But we’ll be able to provide you with decent estimates to help put a budget together.

For more in-depth pricing, why not reach out to an accredited Hunting Outfitter? Contact us here.

Ballpark Price Estimates For African Hunting Safari

A 5-10 day African Hunting Safari package, including most amenities and your more popular species of buck (blesbok, impala, wildebeest, kudu) and others like zebra and warthog, could cost anything between $4 000 – $15 000.

It really all depends on the country, outfitter and specific animals.

Daily rates can run anywhere from $200 to $1 200 per day and $150 to $450 per day for non-hunting observers.


Price Estimates For Hunting In Tanzania

Although Tanzania offers some unique experiences when it comes to buffalo and elephant hunting, it is considered to be one of your more expensive hunting destinations.

An average 10-day hunt in the Selous with a 1 x 1 (hunter/PH) could come to around $28 000.

Trophy Hunting Rates in Tanzania differ considerably, subject to the animal in your crosshair.


Grant’s Gazelle:                  +/- $600

Buffalo:                                +/- $2 200

Second Buffalo:                    +/- $2 500

Elephant:                             $12 000 – $25 000 depending on weight

Price Estimates For Hunting In Zimbabwe

When hunting for big game, Zim is a smart choice.

A 7-10 day hunt usually has around a $750 daily price tag.

For a Big Five Experience, fees could run up to $2 500 per day. Observers can expect to pay around $200 to $300 per day. And as you know, trophy fees vary by animal.


Price Estimates For Hunting In Namibia

The wide-open expanses of Namibia provide hunters with a selection of plains game, as well as interesting challenges for walk-and-stalkers.

Expect to pay around $300 to $500 a day 1×1 with leopard hunting at more or less $1 700. Observers can get away with about $200 per day.

So let’s say for an average 10-day plains game hunting package, the total cost could be around $10 000 to $ 12 500 on a 1 X 1 basis.

Price Estimates For Hunting In South Africa

South African is the more accessible and thus the more affordable African Hunting Destination on our list.

Daily rates average from $200 to $450 per day. Non-hunter rates are charged at $150 to $200 per day.

For a 7-10 day South African Hunting Safari package with 5-7 animals on the menu, you could get away with less than $10 000.

Often your shorter plains game hunts are offered in the $3 500 range. Add to that airfare to O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, and the total expenditure could amount to under $6 000 – $7 000.

Plains Game Trophy Estimates in South Africa comes in at around:

Impala:                        +/- $400

Blesbok:                      +/- $475

Zebra:                         +/- $1 000

Red Hartebeest:       +/- $1050

Gemsbok:                  +/- $1 200

Kudu:                        +/- $2 500

Sable:                        +/- $6 000

Extra Costs On An African Hunting Safari

Depending on the Hunting Outfitter, packages on offer and the country you’re visiting, extra costs might apply.

For instance:

– Charter flights

– Airport pick-up and drop-off

– Rifle rental

– Value Added Tax (VAT)

– Trophy shipment

– Taxidermy service

But as we mentioned before, make sure you contact an accredited Hunting Outfitter to get all the specifics in terms of costs and rates for your true African Hunting Safari adventure.

We’d love to have a chat.

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