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10 January 2024
Connecting to Nature

The Hunter’s Way – A Deeper Connection to Nature


According to studies, modern humans have walked the Earth for around 200,000 years, with 90% of that time spent as hunter gatherers. From the very beginning, hunting has been at the heart of our efforts to form an ethical relationship with nature. Hunting for survival provides access to a world of awareness, life and death, and our place in the natural order.

Connection to Nature through Hunting in the Modern World

In today’s fast-paced world, people often seek connection with nature through various means such as mindfulness retreats, yoga, and dance. Ancient hunters, however, lived in the present out of necessity. This deep connection to the wild is crucial, and the absence of it often leads to seeking alternative vices. Hunting offers respite, adventure, unique tastes, cultural experiences, and quality time with loved ones, ultimately shaping individuals into conservationists.


    Why Hunters Hunt and the Ethical Connection

    Surveys and studies reveal that the primary motivation for hunting is to experience the outdoors and connect with nature. Renowned environmentalist Dr. Randall Eaton emphasizes that hunting is a way to fall in love with nature, forming a connection that remains the foundation of the conservation ethic. Ethical and sustainable hunting acknowledges the moral responsibility for taking life, reinforcing the connection and place in the cycle of life and death.

    The Hunters Way of Connecting with Nature


    1. Hunters Have In-Depth Knowledge of Wildlife
      To be successful, hunters learn and understand not only the species they hunt but also other species in the same biosphere.
    2. Hunters Know How to Take Their Time and Be Still
      Connecting to nature becomes a form of meditation for hunters. Patiently waiting for the right animal and moment requires intense focus, presence, and the use of all five senses.
    3. Hunters Give Thanks to the Bounty of the Harvest
      Ethical hunters honor the animals they harvest through intimate rituals passed down through generations. Gratitude is a crucial element, linked strongly to happiness.
    4. Hunters Reflect on Their Experiences
      Reflection is integral for making sense of experiences. Hunters share stories around the campfire, reliving the emotions and feelings of gratitude associated with their adventures.
    5. Hunters Are Part of a Broader Community
      Gathering around the campfire, sharing stories, and enjoying harvested meat foster a strong connection with both nature and fellow enthusiasts. It’s a way to spend quality time with like-minded individuals and pass on the tradition to the next generation.

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    Connecting to Nature

    According to studies, modern humans have walked the Earth for around 200 000 years. 90% of that time we survived and thrived as hunter-gatherers. Hoarding grains, working the land and domesticating animals only came much later.

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    According to studies, modern humans have walked the Earth for around 200 000 years. 90% of that time we survived and thrived as hunter-gatherers.

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